How To Use RepItSocial...

RepItSocial’s many interactive features allow our users to engage and interact with other like-minded users as they explore and follow new faces and places, post fun challenges to their friends, showcase their incredible talents and skills, join and create groups as a community, discover cool new products, and even support aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Do I have to be a person of color to join RepItSocial?

No, but you must be a supporter and advocate of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and our culture.

How do I post on RepItSocial?

On Rep It Social, We don’t say it. We REP IT! So, every post must either have an image or video showing how you REP IT. To Post on any page, click the plus icon. You’ll be given the option to choose a picture or video from your library or to take a picture or video for your post.

How do I like and comment on a post?

You will have the ability to like, comment and share, after you have opened a post.

How do I edit or delete a post?

On the top right corner of your own posts, click the two vertical dots to see the options for Edit and Delete.

Are there limits to what can be posted on RepItSocial?

Yes. We do not wish to censor any of our users, however any content posted that’s deemed inappropriate according to the policy set forth in our Terms of Use, which every user agrees to when joining, will be removed. To view our Terms of Use click here.

Can I report posts that I feel are offensive?

Yes. On every post, in the top right corner, are 2 vertical dots where users can click to report any content they find inappropriate or offensive.

How do I know what each of the buttons stand for?

On the top left-hand corner of the app is an icon with 3 lines. Clicking this takes you to the SHORTCUT MENU. On the Shortcut Menu, you will find each of the icons with the label of its functionality.

How do I know what to post on which page?

First time users will see a pop-up description of the functionality for each page. This helps to familiarize users with the meaning of each of the icons, but also to ensure they are posting the correct content on the correct page.

How do I follow another user?

On every post is the profile image of the user that posted it. Click on the profile image and you will be taken to the profile of that user. There, you can choose to Follow and even Direct Message them. You can also see all of their Followers, their Categories of Interest and all of the Media (pictures, videos, challenges, and pitches) they have posted.

How can I access my profile?

Open the Shortcut Menu and click on your profile image. There, you can see all of your Followers, Categories of Interest, and any Media (pictures, videos, challenges, pitches) you’ve posted.

How to use the Rep It Page

Whether it’s utter silliness, creative genius, or jaw-dropping talent, you can find it all on the REP IT Page. To upload a video, click on the camera icon in the bottom right of the screen. Write a fun description for your post, name your challenge using a (#), select your talent type, and invite your friends to challenge you to see who REPS it best.

Think you REP IT better? For users who want to challenge an existing video, click the plus icon in the upper left corner of the video.

Users can like, comment and share REP IT videos. The posts with the most likes, earns a feature spot in the ‘Most Popular’ section of the Challenges Screen. The Top 10 videos of any challenge can be seen by swiping left. All challenges are categorized by hashtag. All posted REP IT videos can be found in the ‘R’ tab on your profile page.