Terms of Use

This agreement will govern all aspects of use by those seeking to be a part of RepItSocial
(“the Company”). It underscores pertinent information about the scope of the Company
so that users can make an informed choice. When a user creates or uses a RepItSocial
account, he or she agrees to be bound by the following conditions.

Scope of RepItSocial
At last, there is a forum for those of color. The mission of RepItSocial is: To be the BIPOC
(Black, Indigenous, People of Color) social media app through which the whole of the
BIPOC Diaspora is linked together in one central hub, built to inspire, empower,
support, and connect our people. RepItSocial will accomplish this mission through its
product offerings, features, applications, services, technologies, and software.

RepITSocial pledges to:

(1) Afford personalized opportunities to inspire, connect, share, and learn.
RepItSocial gives its user base a platform to affirm its BIPOC culture through
posting shared experiences as content contributors on the app in the form of
videos, photos, and blogs and encourages a melding of the various cultures as it
links users by their categories of interest – regardless of the flag they REP. Just as
each culture is a mix of peoples, colors, and ethnicities, so too is the platform as it
offers a unique hybrid mix that combines elements of Instagram, YouTube, and
Tik Tok to create a unique user experience.

(2) Foster an uplifting haven.
In many respects, RepItSocial casts a spirit of adventure. By design, the app
showcases the incredible talents and contributions of the BIPOC community.
Every post is an opportunity to celebrate inclusion and anything to the contrary,
will not be permitted. A zero-tolerance policy of infractions will be maintained at
all times. Constant vigilance will ensure the removal of objectionable content
and/or abusive users. Bad behavior will result in profile deletion for violating this
communal trust.

(3) Connect users with relevant products and services.
RepItSocial unabashedly tailors the user experience for maximum relevance.
Internal data, as well as input from third-party sources, are marshalled to target
ads, offers and other sponsored content which is germane to the user.

Data Policy

Like our peers, RepItSocial retains the right to collect and use the user’s personal
information. The enclosed details how the Company will collect, use, and share your
information. All users must agree to the data collection and usage policy herein.

Eligible User. As stated prior, RepItSocial is an uplifting and inclusive forum. To remain
secure and be in accordance with federal and state law, the user will abide by these

Prohibited Behavior on RepItSocial. To maintain communal harmony, every user must
do his or her part. Below are actions that rise to the level of intolerable infractions.

Third-party service provider disclaimer. RepITSocial is pleased to offer The Square – a forum for entrepreneurs.

Creative rights that the user surrenders to RepItSocial. Per this agreement, a user knowingly and willingly grants the Company unfettered access and permission to following data.

Company Rights Held in Perpetuity

Content Removal & Termination

If a Disagreement Should Arise

Contours of Agreement.


Party Rights Under this Agreement.


Responsibility if Something Happens.




Customer Feedback.
Like any diligent company, RepItSocial appreciates feedback or other suggestions made by its customers. It may use such feedback without any restrictions or obligation to compensate customers and is under no obligation to keep such feedback confidential. Necessary Updates & Amendments

RepItSocial may change its Service and policies, and it may need to make changes to these Terms so that they accurately reflect its Service and policies. Unless otherwise required by law, the Company will notify user (e.g., via Service) before it makes changes to the Terms of Use and give user an opportunity to review them before they
go into effect. Then, if user continues to use the Service, he or she will be bound by the updated Terms. If user doesn’t want to agree to these or any updated Terms of Use, he or she can delete the account.

Revised: February 8, 2021